Wound Care Center

Wound healing is a complex process and when healing is disrupted, specialized intervention is often necessary.

The Wound Care Center takes an intensive, multi-disciplinary approach to focus on healing wounds as rapidly as possible and treating the underlying causes that compromise the healing process.

A surprising number of people require wound care at some point in their lives. A minimum of 15 percent of patients with diabetes will have chronic, non-healing wounds during their lifetimes. There are many other conditions that can contribute to non-healing wounds, such as peripheral vascular disease, arterial or venous ulcers, traumatic injury, radiation therapy, lymphedema, and complications following surgery. Wound care is a procedure to clean the wound and prevent or stop infection. It helps the wound heal better and faster. During the procedure, caregivers will clean the wound through a sterile technique.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Uvalde Memorial Hospital's Wound Care Center also offers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) for treatment of problematic wounds, which benefit from the high-intensity oxygenation this therapy provides. HBOT is also used to treat the effects of radiation, poorly healing skin flaps and grafts, infected bone, decompression sickness and variety of other illnesses.

Uvalde Memorial Hospital Wound Care Center is an experienced provider of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in South Texas, providing exceptional care to patients since 1997. Currently, our Wound Care Center is proud to have 3 Hyperbaric chambers available to patients.

For more detailed information regarding both our wound care and hyperbaric treatment services, please call us at (830) 278- 6251 ext. 1377.