Patient Financial Services

Uvalde Memorial Hospital acknowledges the financial needs of patients and their families who are unable to pay for their medical services, and offers an assistance program (Hospital Financial Assistance Program) for medically necessary services to those who have an established need. Eligibility for this program is based solely on permanent place of residence, financial need and is provided on a non-discriminatory, no cost basis.

Hospital Financial Assistance Program:

You may qualify for the hospital financial assistance program if the family’s annual gross income is less than or equal to 300% of the federal poverty level based off the federal poverty guidelines. Eligibility maybe limited to patients residing in the State of Texas in the Counties of Uvalde, Zavala, Real, Edwards, and Kinney. Eligible individuals will not be charged more than amounts generally billed. Patients wishing to apply for the Hospital Financial Assistance Program may submit requested documentation and application to the HFAP Coordinator or Financial Counselor.

To get you started, please access the following documents:

Financial Assistance Plain Language Summary

HFAP Application

HFAP Policy

Credit and Collections Policy

For more information about and/or assistance with any of these options please contact:

Financial Counselor
Uvalde Memorial Hospital
Main Registration Area
1025 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, Texas 78801
Telephone: (830) 278-6251 ext. 1345

HFAP Coordinator
Uvalde Memorial Hospital
Business Office Area
1025 Garner Field Road
Uvalde, Texas 78801
Telephone: (830) 278-6251 ext. 1308

Uvalde Memorial Hospital accepts cash, check, Visa, MasterCard & Discover. Uvalde Memorial Hospital also provides a Recurring Payment Option, which is an automatic monthly payment by electronic check or credit card. For more information, please contact our Customer Service Representatives at 830-278-6251 ext. 1112 or 1149.