New Ambulance Press Release

UVALDE, TX – A shiny new red Frazer ambulance has been added to the Concan Volunteer Fire Department. The unit is the first one for the department and will help save lives in Uvalde County.

The department has responded to over 300 medical calls yearly via a fire engine and personal vehicles. The closest ambulance has been in Uvalde, with an average response time of thirty minutes for the Concan area.

Knowing that minutes in response time matters, the CCVFD made it their mission to find better ways to serve the citizens and visitors of Uvalde County. CCVFD members Justin Wills, Wendy Jordan, and Cody Shockley championed the acquisition of the new unit. They presented the need for it to Uvalde Memorial Hospital’s CEO, Adam Apolinar, and the UMH Board of Directors. Uvalde Memorial Hospital, sharing the CCVFD’s desire to improve community healthcare, was eager to help. The hospital board unanimously voted to fund the purchase of the ambulance.

“We are excited to be able to provide the financial means for the Concan Volunteer Fire Department to purchase this valuable resource. Having an ambulance stationed in Concan will provide a greater range of services for the community and enable them to receive a higher level of care more swiftly, efficiently, and safely,” Adam Apolinar said.

The ambulance has several modern safety and technological features, such as an ultraviolet light disinfection system that cleans and decontaminates the breathable air inside the unit, a refrigerated safe to secure medications, a 120V generator-powered electrical system, and Safety Cloud by HAAS alert. Safety Cloud delivers real-time slow-down and move alerts to drivers in front of the unit, which reduces the risk of collision by 90%.

October 1st will mark the first day of service for the new ambulance.